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Knife Gate Brands Available 

Tecofi | Burbach | CMO | CYL | Stafjo | Jaudt|
Orbinox | Red Valve | Zubi

DN50 to DN1400 (upper sizes on request).

DIN PN10 & ANSI B16.5 (150 LB)

knife gate valve are particularly suitable for the most difficult applications (water treatment networks, pulp and paper industry, biogas, winemaking, cement works, chemical plants). The gate is sharp thanks to its beveled edge, facilitating the gate to cut the product without any blockage. The very resistant ductile iron packing gland and the material of the gasket is required to have a full tightness and outstanding sliding properties, reducing the operating effort. 

We offers many options to meet all user needs (mechanical limit switches, inductive sensor protection, specifically treated gate, etc

Knife gate valve is also suitable for working in the mining industry, in loaded fluid transport lines, such as : water with stones, sludge, etc. and in general it is used for abrasive fluids in the chemical industry and waste water.

Designed for the following applications:
- Mining
- Sewage treatment
- Electrical power stations
- Chemical plants
- Energy Sector
- Thermal power stations

This knife gate valve’s main characteristic is that it provides a full continuous flow. This means that in open position there are no
turbulences in the fluid. 

Machinery Directive: DIR 2006/42/EC (MACHINERY)
Pressure Equipment Directive: DIR 97/23/EC (PED) ART.3, P.3
Potential Explosive Atmospheres Directive: DIR 94/9/EC (ATEX) CAT.3 ZONE 2 and 22
GD for further information on categories and zones please contact the Everyvalve Technical Commercial Dept.

Send us your enquiry to or call 0044(0)1707-642018


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