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Siemens Actuator

SIEMENS SKD62 ELECTROHYDRAULIC SPRING RTN ACT 24V 30S 0-10V ● SKD32.. Operating voltage AC 230 V, 3-position control signal

● SKD82.. Operating voltage AC 24 V, 3-position control signal

● SKD6.. Operating voltage AC 24 V

– Control signal DC 0...10 V, 4...20 mA or 0...1000 Ω

– SKD62/MO RS-485 for Modbus RTU communication

– Selection of flow characteristic, position feedback, stroke calibration, LED

status indication, override control

– SKD62UA with selection of direction of operation, stroke limit control,

sequence control with adjustable start point and operation range, operation of

frost protection monitors QAF21.. and QAF61..

● Positioning force 1000 N

● Versions with or without spring-return function

● For direct mounting on valves; no adjustments required

● Manual adjuster and position indicator

● Optional functions with auxiliary switches, potentiometer, stem heater and

mechanical stroke inverter

● SKD..U are UL-approved

Electro-hydraulic actuators for valves
Download PDF • 888KB

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Ref : S38MSSKD62

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