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Crane Bronze Gate Valve D159

Crane D159 Bronze Gate Valve

Size: 1/4" to 3" Pressure Rating: PN32 End Connections: Taper threaded to BS EN 10226-2 (ISO 7-1) formerly BS 21 Material: Bronze Please refer to Datasheet for full technical information

The D159 bronze gate valve offers a dependable and long service life across a wide variety of applications by virtue of its design and material composition. PN32 Bronze Gate Valve

Features & Benefits

  • Non-rising stem design to minimise installation height

  • Full bore design to ensure minimal pressure drop

  • Adjustable gland packing for ease of maintenance

  • Material selection results in superior dezincification (DZR) and corrosion resistance properties

  • Body, bonnet and disc are made from low lead content bronze, typically 4-6%

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